The Deputy Dean is typically in their final year of study or already holding a degree. They have the same function as a Resident Fellow and assist the Dean in administration and discipline matters.

Zac Bush

Deputy Dean, Community

Born and raised in Redhead, Newcastle (coastal port about 2 hours north of Sydney), I’m currently in my sixth year of a combined law/international studies degree. I’ve travelled extensively around Europe and Africa and even spent a year on exchange in Amsterdam.

My role in particular is to assist and mentor the UNSW Hall House Committee in cultivating an identity for our College and to assist them in implementing a range of social, cultural and sporting activities that cater for the involvement of all students. I love to hear students commenting on how great events were or how excited they are for an event that’s upcoming. The extra-curricular activities on offer at the Hall are ace.

Living at the Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to create customs and traditions and contribute to a culture in cooperation with students that hail from different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What inspires you?

I travelled to Tanzania with World Vision and was witness to people who worked to survive, yet never stopped smiling. Through their quest for betterment, I know that humans can do anything they set their minds to.

What sound or noise do you love?


What is something you’ve been really proud of lately?

I’ve been trying my hand at acting and I’ve recently been cast in a Shakespeare production called Measure for Measure.

What would your karaoke song be?

American Pie by Don McLean or Bust A Move by Young MC.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

David Bowie.

Resident Fellows

Resident fellows (RFs) are staff members of UNSW and typically in their final years of study or already holding a degree. RFs live with the students on their floors and provide daily academic and pastoral support. RFs aren’t teachers, but they’re a little like a supportive older sibling with loads of experience to pass on and a willingness to help guide the residents.

For me, my role is about helping and encouraging students bring out the best possible version of themselves, to lead by example and through my own life experiences.

William McNaughton, RF



Resident Fellow:

Sophie Bock
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Architecture; Masters of Urbanism, Heritage Conservation 

Resident Fellow:

Ern Khai Liew
Bachelor of Engineering - Chemical Engineering, 1st Class

Resident Fellow:

William McNaughton
Bachelor of Science/Architecture

Resident Fellow:

Rearne Bray
Bachelor of Arts/Education (current)

Student Fellow:

Tim Moore
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (current)

Student Fellow:

Shannen Welsh
Bachelor of Law/International Studies (current)